The Semester Ahead

As apart of my Senior Paper process I am beginning this week, I will be bringing to you, the UW follower, videos, anecdotes and possible excerpts from, informing, or just interesting to my senior paper.  These updates will be happening all semester.  The tentative question I wish to pursue for my Senior Thesis is……..

How do curbs inform how people use our streets?

A few videos which have inspired my thinking:

Ok, so these are all from Streetfilms, but they make a great basis for starting to look critically at our streets.  I will be using the area around me to look at this question, as I have just moved to Uptown, and there are some great contrasting examples for my research.  Specific questions include: “How safe does it feel to cross the street mid-street on Lyndale compared to Harriet?” – “How does parking affect an intersections efficiency?”

What questions do you have about our streets?  Send me any and all questions regarding why our streets are the way they are and I will see if I can use those questions to drive to my work.  I will be answering my own questions on a regular basis here on UW and it would be great to answer some of yours as well.

Well, lets get this semester started!  Stay tuned this week for the annual Back to School post which will be in a “This American Life” format… only in text.  Just imagine Ira Glass’ tone as you read it.  



One thought on “The Semester Ahead

  1. Neal says:

    Raab, has anyone approached the JJ delivery riders for their insight on campus traffic? Seems like a local, manageable resource waiting to be tapped: aesthetic values to captured with helmet cams, quantitative data to be recorded with odometers, as well as qualitative data taken through interviews. Maybe I’m getting carried away, but I think you are a resourceful guy. These riders are as ubiquitous as any characters on campus, and as anyone who has ordered a sub knows, reliable.


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