Yo- I’m Good

A few months after a tragedy, it is good to be fine.  It is hard at the ripe age of 22 to be nominal, because the early twenties impetus is to speed like crazy, sprint towards goals, make things happen, and in the fine words of DJ ‘Ol Youngin’ of RAAAAAAAANDY, get cho’ shit.  The holiday seasons brings the question, “How are you doing, what are you up to?”, and it is definitely OK to say, “I am good”.  Leave it at that.  After a Summer when things just could not have gone worse, it is good to have an average Fall.  Anything sensational can wait for a bit.  Of course, at the ripe age of 22, “a bit” can mean as little as a couple of months.

For the time that has been very emotional and trying, social interactions may had been a bit straining, loaded even.  Now, social interactions are back to the normal stuff and that feels good.  Being “good” this holiday season takes on new meaning, because this means that things are better, on the up and up.

Remembrance months after a tragedy also takes on a different weight.  It is much easier to share stories about a person we love so much, because memories come back easier now that we see him everywhere, but not in a way which makes us want to find a quiet place to reflect, but in a way in which we want to be with the others who will, “just fucking love this story I just remembered!”  That kind of feeling is phenomenal.  Calling a friend and being able to laugh about a shared experience with that person allows us to not forget that we are still making our own experiences, which in a time of our own quiet reflection we can share with him.

“DUDE, BRAHH, turk season… it has started.  I think this is the boot season I finally exact my revenge on that vicious, and ill placed mind you, over-the-boards check from Sean Dineen junior year…”


2 thoughts on “Yo- I’m Good

  1. Zooters says:


  2. Elana says:

    I feel you Raaaaab. Too much love ❤

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